Tesla Window Tinting In Salinas

Here at Da Tint Machine, we pride ourselves in being experts in the installation of window film to all models of Tesla and are trusted by Tesla owners in the California area.

98% IR reduction with Kepler window films

Tesla Motors in Salinas makes amazing automobiles, but despite their veritably mastered engine design and auto body aesthetics, the brand does not put emphasis on the performance of the windows. Having a superior heat-blocking film installed on your Tesla can reduce the heat in your cabin and thus require less power for your HVAC, which in return, helps you maximize your range per charge when driving on the California roads.

By choosing  Da Tint Machine you will have the choice of Kepler’s IR ceramic window film which offers unparalleled performance blocking up to 98% of infrared heat!

A TintBusiness employee tinting a Tesla front window in USA

Why choose Da Tint Machine

Tinting a Tesla can be a tricky task for many tint businesses! Here at Da Tint Machine we have defined quality Tesla window tinting In California.

Da Tint Machine are the preferred choice for newly manufactured Tesla’s, many California Tesla owners have travelled to have their Tesla tinted by our specialists tinters to revieve the well known quality we offer.

99.99% UV

All of Kepler's window film products stop over 99.99% of the dangerous UV rays from entering through your windows. See how it looks.


Unlock Kepler's ceramic IR+ ranges which ads an extra ceramic layer to the window film stopping over 95% of infrared heat.


Choose a darker range of Kepler's products which stop over 96% of the harsh glare from entering into your vehicle.

Unrivalled clarity with Kepler window films

When it comes to ceramic window films, clarity can be a big concern for lots of Salinas Tesla owners! Many window film companies that offer ceramic films have poor visibility when looking through the ceramic particles from inside which can make the commute on California roads uncomfortable

Da Tint Machine are approved Kepler window film dealers meaning we can offer the most advanced sought after window films within the Tesla community that offer superior clarity.

The interior of Telsa model S 2023

State of the art heat protection with our ceramic window film

By becoming Kepler window film dealers not only can Da Tint Machine offer stunning window film products to Tesla’s in the Salinas area that can make heads turn, but we also can offer the ultimate barrier in the fight against the sun’s radiation with our ceramic window tinting in Salinas! We carry both IR and IR+ upgraded products from Kepler which offer upwards of 98% IR heat rejection.. Keeping your family and pets cool in those summer months!

IR Heat Rejection 12%
Kepler IR (ceramic)
IR Heat Rejection 81%
Kepler IR+ (ceramic)
IR Heat Rejection 98%
A quote for a Tesla by TintBusiness for window tint with Kepler's Zenith window film
A quote for a Tesla by Tint Business for window tint with Kepler's Helios window film
A quote for a Tesla by Tint Business for window tint with Kepler's Photon window film

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Da Tint Machine Tesla car window tinting FAQ

Here at Da Tint Machine we pride ourself in not only our Tesla window tint abilities, but our customer relationships as well! We have compiled some FAQ’s that we get from our valued Salinas customers.

Yes, at Da Tint Machineit is possible to tint the back glass and sunroof in a single piece, of ceramic window tint even on the Model 3. Applying ceramic window tint in one piece provides the best protection and can help extend the life of the film in your Salinas commutes.

Da Tint Machine installs ceramic window films that come with a lifetime warranty that covers film failures such as bubbling, peeling, and color changing within the ceramic window tint. You can be sure that the ceramic window tint we use at Da Tint Machine will look and perform great for many years. It is also a highly clear ceramic window tint for that additional clarity when compared to other brands in the California area.

Da Tint Machine recommends a simple glass cleaner which is a ammonia-free. Ammonia glass cleaners can eat away at your ceramic window tint. A damp microfiber cloth is a good option for cleaning your ceramic window tint too. The only real rule for cleaning a car’s tinted windows is to refrain from using ammonia-based products and to wait at least seven days post-install to clean the inside of your new ceramic tinted windows.


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